Bucket Lists

Well I didn’t win the lottery before we came but, if I had, I was going to 1) upgrade my camera equipment, and 2) upgrade to first class on the flight.  I probably had a few other ideas but I forget.  In any case I hope you will forgive me the quality of some of the pictures posted at the bottom of the page (Not that photos can come close to being there.  If you don’t believe me just google the Cathedral and see if the professionals have done much better).  Cathedrals are solemn places and lit accordingly.  I wanted more people pictures but the low light and long shutter speeds left me with a bunch of blurry people.  Students are very bad about moving around too much except when they are falling asleep during class.  Hopefully the pictures will give you an idea of our visit to the Cathedral.  Our guide was Professor David Calvo from the University here who is teaching one of our classes.  Everybody seems to like him a lot and I have to say that from my perspective he is a very good teacher.  He knows how to keep the students focused, strike just the right balance between a lot of interesting detail and too much detail, all the while speaking Spanish and asking questions in a way that everyone is able to follow him.

We were there a couple of hours at the end of the day and STILL didn’t have time to climb the tower.  Doing that and flying first class will just have to remain on my bucket list.  Kylie was bummed out because they wouldn’t let her go down into the catacombs.  Guess she gets to start her own bucket list but, when I was last in the Cathedral in Granada, you could climb down into the most interesting “basement” I have ever seen.  Hint: It’s where they bury all the Cardinals, Archbishops and the occasional Saint.  We’ll do that in March!

2 thoughts on “Bucket Lists

  1. We live in a very small community. One in which everyone knows everyone. There have been so many people in this little town who have helped Anna in the process of getting to Spain. From organizing or supporting fund raisers, to answering financial questions for us at our local credit union, and former teachers of Anna writing letters of recommendation for her in order to get accepted into the program. It has definitely been a team effort!

    So when I get stopped at the local grocery store, or by the bank teller, or school Secretary, and am told how much they are enjoying traveling with Anna, even just through the pictures she is posting on social media, I am once again humbled at how blessed she is to be experiencing these things. From a young woman who had never even been on a plane before, to now journeying through Spain!! I think a seed has been planted in her to explore more places around our wonderful world!!

    Thanks for the pictures and posts Keith. I would venture to say that most of the folks back here in Brewster, Ohio will never get the opportunity to experience these things first hand, but by pictures and recounts of the groups’ travels, we are getting at least a little taste!!!

    Thanks again!!

    Anna’s mom and fellow Brewsterites


  2. Hi again Anna’s mom and Brewsterites,
    I know exactly what you are talking about. I am a first generation college graduate and I would have never been able to study abroad were it not for the generosity of others and a mom who always had my back. Although I was born in Dallas and grew up in the city, I lived for years out in the country of east Texas before coming to Ohio. I very much prefer the Brewsters of the world to the big cities. Cities are great places to visit but smaller towns are better for living.


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