Pants on Fire

This is not how it was supposed to go.  I put the two weather feeds on the blog so that everyone back in Athens could have one more reason to be jealous of us.  Apparently Athens is going to have a much milder time of things for a while and we are being warned about an impending cold front.  This Spanish cold front wouldn’t even be noticed back at O.U. but we’re still losing this race and I DON’T LIKE IT!  I consulted the National Weather Service, the European Weather Agency and the all-knowing Wikipedia.  Someone’s lying and I DON’T LIKE IT!

The Patron Saint of Toledo, and dozens of other places, has his day this coming Monday and we’re all looking forward to seeing what Toledo is going to do.  We have been warned that all the shops, banks, etc. will be closed.  Hopefully so that they can get out the fireworks and such.  There will be some concerts here and there but I’ve yet to find a full rundown of events.

Everything is running smoothly and I’m feeling a little ignored.  I was THE most important go-to guy for a couple of days but everybody has seemed to figure out what needed figuring out and they are all out doing what college students do.  One of those things is to avoid all contact, as much as they can, with their professors.  It is actually a very good thing that they are settling in, and what I hoped for, but, it was nice to be needed if just for a couple of days.

Another student has a pretty good blog going but my blog won’t let me add it.  I get some error code with some complicated coding language that looks to me more like the math they use to decide where all the asteroids are going to be on any given moment.  My friend back at O.U. understands these things and I will get him on it but in the meantime you might check out, (Emily Bohatch), to get a dose of some of her insights into things.

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